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Posted on 05-29-2018

Our Bangor, ME Chiropractors Offer Answers to Back Pain FAQs

At Back in Balance Chiropractic, many of our patients have concerns regarding their acute or chronic back pain. Our Bangor, ME chiropractors provide the answers for frequently asked questions about back pain and treatment.

man suffering from back pain during a meeting

What Injuries Cause Back Pain?

Most often, people injure their backs by pulling a muscle or straining a ligament. The pulled muscle can occur quickly, perhaps from lifting something too heavy or twisting too fast. Sports injuries and auto accident injuries are also very common.

What are Typical Back Pain Symptoms?

Many people feel a dull back ache which sometimes radiates to the pelvis and hips and is often accompanied by muscle spasms. Sharp, localized pain is often associated with lifting injuries. Back pain may also cause the inability to stand straight or cause muscle spasms.

Pain often worsens when people sit for long periods because sitting puts added pressure on the discs.  Many patients say their back pain is the worst when they first wake up in the morning, but better after they get up and move around. 

Is my Chronic Pain Caused by a Condition?

There are many conditions that could cause chronic back pain. It’s important to get a proper diagnosis first, as this will affect your treatment plan. A few of them include:

  • Arthritis, where the vertebrae impede range of motion and presses on nerves, often causes back pain.
  • Sciatica is a condition that causes sharp and tingling pain and a pins-and-needles sensation that travels from the back into the legs and feet.
  • Back pain is also often caused by a slipped or herniated disc.

Are There Ways to Prevent Back Pain?

Back pain is also often associated with poor posture. Because of its curved structure and location, the spine can be injured over time both by repetitive motions and poor posture. In order to prevent posture related injuries, make sure to use proper lifting techniques and stretch regularly throughout the day, especially if your work requires repetitive motions or sitting at your desk.

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

Chiropractic care is non-invasive and non-surgical care for your back pain. Treatment is designed to correct the underlying spinal problem that is causing your pain. We will evaluate your spine and do a chiropractic adjustment to align vertebrae and discs to promote healing and ease the pain. 

Contact our Chiropractors in Bangor, ME for Back Pain Relief

Don’t suffer from debilitating back pain any longer. Visit Back in Balance Wellness Center in Bangor, ME or give us a call at 207-947-8077. We're ready to perform a comprehensive exam, get to the root cause of your back pain, and provide you some much needed back pain relief.

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