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Knee Pain Treatment with our Ravenswood Chiropractor

Woman with knee pain in Ravenswood

One of the most common musculoskeletal conditions treated by chiropractors is knee pain and stiffness. Diagnosing knee pain involves your Ravenswood chiropractor evaluating the exact location of pain (behind the kneecap, on the kneecap, inside the knee), the severity of pain and how your knee responds to a series of reflex tests. Causes of knee pain include arthritis, osteoarthritis, torn cartilage, ruptured ligaments, gout or infections. Swelling, redness, knee weakness/instability and popping or grinding noise when the knee is bent may also accompany knee pain.

Runner's Knee

A knee injury is frequently diagnosed in athletes and joggers as a chondromalacia patella injury. Causing pain in the kneecap or pain behind the knee, chondromalacia pain occurs when the underside of the kneecap becomes irritated by the inability of deteriorated cartilage to protect the kneecap from grinding against the knee joint. The recommended treatment for runner's knee consists of resting the joint, performing chiropractor-directed rehabilitative exercises and wearing knee tape or a knee brace.

Popliteus Injury

If you are suffering posterior knee pain, your Lincoln Square may diagnose you with overuse of the popliteus muscle (popliteus). This muscle is located behind the knee and is responsible for the rotation of the tibia and for facilitating knee flexion. Pain, weakness, and stiffness due to a popliteus injury can sometimes prevent you from extending your knee. Treatment for a strained popliteus muscle is the same treatment used to heal runner's knee.

Knee Arthritis

Your chiropractor determines the severity of knee arthritis by performing a special physical examination and ordering MRIs or x-rays to assess lack of joint space and other abnormalities. Symptoms of knee arthritis include worsening pain, stiffness, swelling, locking/buckling of the knee and hearing cracking/popping sounds when you bend your knee. Your Lincoln Square chiropractor may perform an adjustment on an arthritic knee, develop a personalized physical therapy program and discuss nutritional counseling regarding the best foods to eat to help reduce pain and inflammation.

Preventing a Knee Injury

You may reduce your risk of suffering a knee injury by wearing shock-absorbing, high-quality athletic shoes and purchasing a new pair every three months, especially if you are a daily runner. Soles that are worn and uneven will cause you to slip or misstep, placing undue stress on knee ligaments. In between running, integrate exercises into your workout that impact enhancing knee strength, along with quads and hamstrings. Also, remember to stretch before running and never attempt to run down a steep hill.

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If you suffer from chronic knee pain and don't want to take medications or have surgery, your chiropractor in Lincoln Square and Ravenswood may be able to help.

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