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Lower Back Pain Treatment With Our Chicago Chiropractor

Lower back pain is deemed a common health complaint, with 80% of the world population experiencing it at some point in their lives. For some people, the pain usually fades away on its own but for others; it can become a chronic, debilitating condition.   

Our chiropractic team at Comprehensive Chiropractic & Wellness can assist you to manage your lower back pain with our medication-free, holistic chiropractic treatment.

man with lower back pain

What causes lower back pain?

The lumbar spine may experience pain or dysfunction due to the following causes:

Physically demanding careers: Jobs such as truck driving and those that require lifting heavy objects can result in spinal muscles and ligament strain. Deskwork and poor ergonomics can also lead to painful back muscle spasms.

Personal injury: Injuries from slips, auto accidents, and sports injuries can cause low back spine misalignment and traumas. They can also inflame soft tissues and herniate the vertebral discs.

Disc bulges: A disc acts as a cushion between vertebrae in the spine. The soft tissue within the disc can rupture or bulge putting pressure on the nerves leading to pain or inflammation.

Lifestyle factors: Some lifestyle habits such as smoking can put you at risk of developing back pain. Being overweight can also put extra pressure on the spine, causing lumbar dysfunction.

Common Symptoms Associated With Lower Back Pain

Identifying lumbar spine pain symptoms can help our chiropractor come up with a more effective treatment plan. Typically, one or more of the following symptoms can characterize your pain:

  • Dull, aching pain that is worse after prolonged sitting
  • Reduced tolerance to activity
  • Legs numbness and stiffness
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Pain traveling to the buttocks, down to the legs and feet
  • Pain that temporarily eases when you change postures

Diagnosing Lower Back Pain

Besides identifying the symptoms, making an accurate diagnosis is also crucial in the recovery process. Our Comprehensive Chiropractic & Wellness team uses the following to come up with accurate diagnoses:

Patient history - A patient is required to provide a detailed description of their medical history and current injury symptoms as well as sleeping habits and posture.

Physical exam - This aims at further narrowing down the causes of your pain. The exam can include palpation, motion range, reflex, and neurological test.

Diagnostic imaging tests - Imaging test can locate the source of the pain using X-rays, CT scans, or MRI.

Find Relief with Our Chiropractor in Lincoln Square & Ravenswood

Comprehensive Chiropractic & Wellness is dedicated to helping you ease your lower back pain and prevent recurring symptoms. We employ the latest chiropractic techniques to promote spinal healing and ensure you lead an active and pain-free lifestyle. Call us (312) 658-0658 to schedule an appointment.