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Neck Pain Care at Comprehensive Chiropractic and Wellness in Chicago, IL

When you suffer from neck pain that will not go away, Comprehensive Chiropractic and Wellness can help. Dr. Jeffrey Haynes, our Chicago chiropractor, can evaluate your condition to determine what is causing your pain and come up with a treatment plan for it that involves chiropractic care. 

neck pain

Common Causes of Neck Pain

You can develop neck pain from injuries or medical conditions that affect your joints. Other conditions, such as slouching while sitting or standing, can also cause you to have neck pain. Some common causes of this type of pain include the following:

  • Spinal problems, such degenerative disc diseases, and spinal stenosis
  • Arthritis, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Trauma from auto accidents, such as whiplash
  • Sports injuries

Effective Treatments with Our Neck Pain Chiropractor in Chicago

Having neck pain occur on a regular basis can interfere with your daily activities and make it hard for you to get even simple tasks done. If your pain is severe enough, you might have trouble driving and working on a computer. Any tasks that put a strain on your neck muscles can make your pain worse, especially if you have to turn your head often. Our neck pain chiropractor can help you find relief from this discomfort, so you can return to your normal tasks and activities. 

Dr. Haynes will go over your medical history and ask you about your pain, such as how severe it is, if certain movements make it worse and how it might have happened. You might need to have X-rays and other imaging tests done if Dr. Haynes needs more information to determine the cause of your pain. Depending on your results, he might recommend the following treatments. 

Spinal Adjustments

These chiropractic adjustments focus on your upper spine, which typically causes pain in the neck area. This involves making adjustments to bring your cervical spinal discs into proper alignment in order to relieve pressure that could be causing your pain. When your spinal discs are aligned correctly, you should experience less discomfort. These adjustments also promote the natural healing process by making it easier for water and nutrients to reach damaged spinal discs. 

Physical Therapy 

Physical therapy helps lower your risk of experiencing chronic neck pain. This type of treatment involves learning how to do exercises that make your neck and upper back muscles stronger and improve your range of motion. Physical therapy works well in conjunction with spinal adjustments to provide effective neck pain relief. 

Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy helps ease tension in your neck muscles that can add to your pain and limited range of motion. Dr. Haynes offers deep tissue massage, which reaches deeper into your body to relieve tension in muscles that are harder to access. Undergoing Therapeutic massage also help ease stress, which can put you in a more positive frame of mind during your recovery. 

Nutritional Counseling

One of the causes of neck pain is being overweight. Nutritional counseling helps you learn to make healthier choices for meals and snacks so that you can lose excess weight, which eases pressure on your neck. Even if you are not overweight, you can still benefit from nutritional counseling. This type of counseling helps ensure that your body gets the nutrients it needs to heal from injuries.

Contact Us for Neck Pain Treatment in Chicago

If you have been dealing with neck pain on a regular basis and are unable to do your normal activities, please contact Comprehensive Chiropractic and Wellness to schedule an appointment for neck pain Chicago treatment.