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Shoulder Pain Relief in Lincoln Square and Ravenswood

Having ongoing shoulder pain that will not go away can make your daily life a challenge, especially if it gets worse over time. This type of pain makes it hard for you to do simple movements, such as raising your arm on the affected side. If your pain becomes severe, it can keep you from being able to do your job, play sports or do other activities.

At Comprehensive Chiropractic and Wellness, our chiropractor in Lincoln Square and Ravenswood provides quality treatment for pain and other symptoms that affect your shoulder. 

man has shoulder pain in Chicago, IL

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

You can develop shoulder pain if you have suffered an injury, such as at work or while you were playing sports. Common injuries that can lead to pain in your shoulder include a torn rotator cuff and dislocation. You might also hurt your shoulder from overuse or from gradual wear and tear that occurs as part of the aging process, especially if you do something that involves doing a repetitive motion with your shoulder and arm. If you have an underlying medical condition that causes inflammation in your joints, such as osteoarthritis, you can also develop pain in your shoulder. 

Symptoms of Shoulder Problems

If you have a problem with your shoulder, you might experience pain that ranges from mild to serious. Your shoulder pain might feel worse when you move your arm certain ways, such as trying to lift it up. You might also have numbness or tingling in the affected shoulder and arm if your injury presses on nerves and causes inflammation. Pain in your shoulder might also feel worse after you have been lying down or sitting for a while and suddenly move that part of your body. 

Shoulder Injury Treatment in Chicago

When you have persistent pain in your shoulder that does not go away with ice or heat, medication or rest, our chiropractor can provide you with more effective treatment. At Comprehensive Chiropractic and Wellness, we offer safe shoulder injury treatment in Chicago, so you can get back to doing your usual activities.

Our chiropractor does adjustments to your spine that can end up affecting your shoulder joint and easing pain there. These adjustments straighten your spine, easing pressure on nerves that lead to your shoulder. Our chiropractor might also have you do physical therapy or massage therapy to benefit even more from chiropractic adjustments and reduce your risk of having chronic shoulder pain. 

Contact Our Chicago Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain Treatment

If you have been struggling to find relief from shoulder pain, contact our Chicago chiropractor for help. At Comprehensive Chiropractic and Wellness, we offer effective treatment for shoulder injuries.